Chattanooga, Domestic Terror, and the Myth of the Lone Gunman

Posted by David Roberts on 17th Jul 2015

Chattanooga, Domestic Terror, and the Myth of the Lone Gunman

Chattanooga, Domestic Terror, and the Myth of the Lone Gunman

  Yesterday the world came to realize that the incident in Ft Hood wasn't an isolated incident. Members of our military are being singled out at home by Islamic Jihad. The timing is even in keeping with the end of Ramadan. Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez (24) was born in Saudi Arabia in 1990 and was fairly intelligent according to his coaches and classmates here. So why him and why now?

  Abdulazeez's actions make no sense when viewed through a typical law enforcement/ Obama Administration lens. They make perfect sense if you have fought overseas for any length of time. Every combat veteran or contractor that served in Iraq or Afghanistan remembers how the attacks escalated during Ramadan. They believe they get to take the express elevator to Allah if they die in combat against the infidel during this time. Abdulazeez saw himself as a soldier fighting a holy war against the US. 

  While Obama is busy insisting that the attacks were carried out by a "Lone Gunman" the truth of the matter is somewhat messier and more complex. He was no more a lone gunman that the single Doughboy in the trenches of WWI was. He was just the man pulling the trigger. As a state sponsored soldier you are trained, equipped, and inspired  by the country you fight for. Having that same zeal and devotion to a cause outside of the country you live in is nothing new, we just aren't used to it as Americans. While the facts of that statement can be debated what is important is that they believe it to be true. They truly believe themselves to be soldiers in a war against the West. The Ft Hood Shooter, Boston Bombers, and this dude all were fighting in a war most wont admit we are in.

  So what does all this mean? As with any movement, religious or cultural, it is the hight of arrogance to assume that a single over-riding reason is driving this all. Islam is definitely a pillar of their entire belief structure but hate, arrogance, and cultural differences are all influencing this death cult within Islam. The reasons they fight are most likely as varied as the reasons we all fought. Everyone goes to war for a reason. No matter their reasons for doing it we need to go ahead and admit that we are, in fact, in a damn war.

  The trick to winning this war is to first admit that we really are in one. We are fighting Islamic Jihad. We are fighting against those who are funding operations just as much as we are fighting against those who are influencing Jihad on social media within our country. Human nature would have us demean and ridicule our enemies. To make them less than human to make it easier for ourselves to understand their actions. That is a grave mistake. The Chattanooga shooter was a bright student and devoted MMA fighter. He lived in the US and his actions were a shock to those who knew him best. This guy could have been anyone. 

  They are fighting a war and we are debating why a military recruiting office is a gun-free zone. It is impossible we are truly this stupid. Yes, all military bases and recruiting offices are gun-free zones by policy enacted under Clinton and it has been that way for a long time. Yes, some military members do carry concealed in uniform. I always did and continue to carry. By and large the military doesn't carry on base or in uniform.... even the Marines. 

You can still see the Gun-Free Zone sign on the bullet-riddled door.

  This is where we are folks. We have disarmed our own military after fighting over a decade and killing them by the thousands. We are currently making deals with our enemies and paying them billions of dollars in agreements they have no intention of keeping (sounds like North Korea doesn't it) all in the hope that maybe this time things will be different. That maybe if we act decent they will also. 

  Well, in the military industrial complex/ government service we have a mythical creature called the Good Idea Fairy. This mythical little bastard is usually dreamed up by some new guy or political appointee over the advice and better judgment of those hard chargers that have been actually doing the job for a few years. The details change but it usually goes like this. You have been doing a job for a long time and you have seen it all. Then some suit comes in ( Dept of State, Defense, Justice, FBI) who is trying to make a name for themselves and wants to try something "new" and "innovative" that sounds remarkably like what didn't work worth a shit the last time the old guy tried it. But, they are in charge and they think they are smarter and more innovative so here we go doing it again..... then people die and things get blown up in the name of understanding and cultural sensitivity. Then there is a big knee-jerk reaction that brings things right back to the policies prior to the Good Idea Fairy's arrival and things progress normally until the new now old guy gets replaced and we start the entire freaking cycle over again. 

  So when you ask how a military base becomes weaponless or how a militant Islamic Army officer is able to shoot into a crowd of unarmed soldiers..... well there you go. 

  Fortunately, the fix is relatively easy. The solution is the same as it has been since time began. Kill them first and be better at it. Train to the fight you are likely to get into. Protect your family and quit relying on the government to do anything for you. If you are in the military protect yourself, your family, and those around you. Government Agents, protect the American public to the best of your abilities. If you are a plumber in Boise Idaho or a farmer in Middle Tennessee learn to protect yourself, your family, and your community. Carry a weapon and be proficient in it's use. Be mindful of the Good Idea Fairy and how destructive a force they can be. Political Correctness will get you killed as will Tolerance and Understanding. If something looks screwed up and you are getting a bad feeling about a situation you better damn well do something about it. Saying "It's against policy." is going to ring hollow when you have to explain why American blood got spilled on your watch.

  Our government is run by people who have a vested interest in not admitting that we have a problem. They are too busy importing the idiots in by the boatload to increase their voting base. The are concerned with power and personal gain, your welfare is an afterthought and subject to the opinion polls. Fortunately, concealed carry laws are given in most of the states. You have the right and duty to protect your family and those around you. That duty is not primarily the government's job... It. Is. Your. Job. 

  These Jihadist aren't going after hard targets. They are coming after people like you. Unarmed people, schools, churches, hospitals.... they have all been hit before overseas. They will be hit again here. Prepare yourself for the fight. Nothing you can say or do will change the minds and direction of big government no matter how hard you try. You will be part of the solution or you will be a victim or part of the problem. The Jihadist will continue to maim and kill until we make it so painful for them they decide to stop. This isn't new, America has been fighting the Jihad since the Barbary Pirate Wars. Nothing is changing. The only thing you have the power to change is yourself, harden up America or you will not like the results.

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