Current Shipping Times: 3-10 days (80% within 5 days, engravings take longer)

11/30 Shipping Update. All 80% Presale orders have been shipped and current orders are being processed and shipped as we speak. We appreciate your patience as our unbelieveable staff worked through over 4000 orders in the last few months. Work continues on filling 80% orders until the eventual government ban which we expect any time. Additionally, we have completed the design phase of our own fully functional 9mm pistol that will be released after the New Year.  All 80% models will be shipped until the government ban in the approximate order they are received depending on stock availablility and processing. 


Due to pending federal legislation all 80% sales are final 

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Tennessee Arms is a Veteran-Owned company. Proudly made, processed, and shipped in Northwest Tennessee

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