6/8 Update. We are shipping 80% receivers out as fast as we can get them processed. We are currently, as of this morning, processing black AR1580 and AR3080. Colors will be right behind them in processing along with all colors of the TAC980. We have two machines pumping out 80% receivers and all the Jigs and Trigger Hole Guides are already onhand. We will be running the injection molds until government regulations force us to stop. We will not have any issue filling and shipping every order we have received far prior to the deadline. All of our staff is fully committed to either shipping, processing, or filling orders. Ive instructed my staff to only answer the phones on Wednesday to increase production volume. The best way to contact us is sales@tac-llc.com 


We are currently only taking new orders for 80% in Black, any previous order containing additional colors will ship with the colors ordered. 



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