5/10 Update. Okay so we finally got the update from the ATF on the proposed rules change timeline. As of last Friday's news dump (typical on divisive subjects) we are now in the proposed 90day public comment period. Any changes will be somewhere after that if any changes happen at all. No changes are proposed for the serialized lowers only the 80% receivers. They dont have the political clout to change anything unless by regulatory fiat. No new laws are likely in danger of but new regulations are likely. As it stands we can and will get all 80% lowers purchased shipped far before the deadline and/or any proposed rule changes.  We are processing and shipping every day to get your orders out as quickly as possible. 


Update 4/27- We are only answering the phones on Wednesdays, Every call takes one of my staff off shipping so until we get everything out we will only be working through email. Any questions should be directed through sales@tac-llc.com or use your order messages. All molds are here and everything is shipping in the order they were received. Yes, Everything WILL be shipped shortly. We are a small family-owned operation and we need EVERYONE to stay at their stations shipping and processing.

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