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AR-308 Complete Carbon Fiber

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AR-308 Complete Polymer lower receiver in DPMS Gen1 Style suitable for 7.62 NATO .308 and 12ga. This comes standard w a 6pos stock and single stage trigger group. Carbon fiber reinforced

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  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Receiver Constructed of High-Strength Carbon Fiber filled Nylon 6-6 and Marine-Grade Brass inserts

  • All Metal Forged Steel Parts Kit Installed

  • Custom Logos Available

  • DPMS Gen 1 308 Compatible 

  • Six position Stock

  • Custom Engraving Available


 The TNARMSCO Carbon fiber lower is incredibly capable and lightweight. The stripped receiver weighs in below six ounces making it lighter than even a standard AR15 lower. The carbon fiber fill material works like Rebar to bind the material together increasing strength while decreasing weight. 

Tennessee Arms Company's newest AR-308 complete lower receiver. All colors are molded directly into and throughout the entire receiver so you never have to worry about wearing it off unlike a painted finish.

TAC Patent Pending design is Reinforced Nylon 6-6 with Marine Grade Brass threaded inserts molded into the material for strength and corrosion resistance.Our receivers are designed to accept any quality lower build kit. Using the Metal inserts into a high impact polymer receiver make the Tennessee Arms Receiver truly the Highest Strength/ Lightest weight hybrid receiver (6.2oz) on the market. We ARE the best receiver on the market and always will be.

"I honestly can't find any sort of practical test that would harm this receiver or make it in any way inferior to an aluminum one."- Tom @ Apex Gunsmithing Expert from a Third Party Review

Blog Post About Product

Washington and Illinois AR15 Bans

Washington and Illinois have both recently passed laws banning the sale and distribution of assault-style weapons, high capacity-magazines, and switches that convert handguns into assault-style firearms. Both laws were met with strong opposition from gun rights groups, and in response, both states have faced lawsuits.


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