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Extended AR308 Button

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We arent going to say they are essential for the 308 models. But they sure help....

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EXTENDED MAGAZINE CATCH BUTTON DESIGNED FOR BOTH ANY AR-STYLE 308 OR 223 MODEL Very useful for the DPMS GEN I 308 Builds (recommended) This Button replaces any standard AR-15 style mag release button. Installation is exactly the same just adds a bit of length. This is very useful for competition shooters or anyone building an AR10 style rifle. As the length requirements will vary wildly between shooters personal preference. These will be a bit long for some shooters and can easily be shortened on the backside to build your perfect length if required.

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Washington and Illinois AR15 Bans

Washington and Illinois have both recently passed laws banning the sale and distribution of assault-style weapons, high capacity-magazines, and switches that convert handguns into assault-style firearms. Both laws were met with strong opposition from gun rights groups, and in response, both states have faced lawsuits.


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