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AR15 80% Black Carbon Fiber

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Blank only- No Jig or Drill Bits included by Fed Regs

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These states have STATE laws prohibiting ownership: California, Colorado(Boulder and Denver), Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington.... you are responsible for ensuring legal compliance in your area.

The TNARSMCO AR Style receiver is manufactured from a proprietary blend of glass-filled Nylon6 and includes metallic brass enforcement in Key stress areas just like our serialized versions. Being made from a composite material the body of this blank is easy to machine and does not require any surface finishing when complete. Just machine, sand, and shoot.

Blemishes may be visible from hand processing after production.  

Federal regulations prohibit us from providing this blank with any jigs instructions or guides. We cannot even provide assistance by phone or email unfortunately. All 80% blank sales are final due to regulations concerning partially finished firearms. 


Blog Post About Product

Are 80% Receivers Legal in My State

A quick reference guide to if your state allows purchase of 80% receivers or if your state is run by Democrats. This guide is not to be used as a final word as we are not lawyers but try to keep up with the ever changing world of gun legislation where both state and federal laws are continuously ignored and the legal goal post are moved at will. Please proceed with caution and do you homework regarding the legality of 80% receivers in your jurisdiction. NOT Legal in NEW JERSEY/ WASHINGTON/ NEW YORK/ CALIFORNIA/ HAWAII/ CONNECTICUT/ ILLINOIS

ATF vs 80%

A federal judge in Texas has granted a preliminary injunction against the enforcement of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) new “ghost gun” rule, dealing a blow to President Joe Biden’s attempts to unilaterally implement new gun restrictions through ATF rulemaking. The judge found that the ATF exceeded its authority when it attempted to reinterpret what constitutes a firearm in order to restrict sales of unfinished parts and homemade gun kits.

Washington and Illinois AR15 Bans

Washington and Illinois have both recently passed laws banning the sale and distribution of assault-style weapons, high capacity-magazines, and switches that convert handguns into assault-style firearms. Both laws were met with strong opposition from gun rights groups, and in response, both states have faced lawsuits.


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