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Are 80% Receivers Legal in My State

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By: [email protected]

Date: March 23, 2023


A quick reference guide to if your state allows purchase of 80% receivers or if your state is run by Democrats. This guide is not to be used as a final word as we are not lawyers but try to keep up with the ever changing world of gun legislation where both state and federal laws are continuously ignored and the legal goal post are moved at will. Please proceed with caution and do you homework regarding the legality of 80% receivers in your jurisdiction. NOT Legal in NEW JERSEY/ WASHINGTON/ NEW YORK/ CALIFORNIA/ HAWAII/ CONNECTICUT/ ILLINOIS

Are 80% Receivers Legal in my State?

Currently These states restrict ban or have laws that prohibit ownership of 80% receivers ( or have legistation that bans it but is being challenged in the courts) ...... as of 3/23/23

California, Colorado(Boulder and Denver Only), Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington

These laws change almost Daily. Legistation tends to be passed in the dead of night (illinois) and often goes into effect immediately. Please ensure local legality prior to ordering from us or anyone else. 

Federally There are additional restrictions on what we as manufacturers can and cannot do regarding 80% receivers 

The ATF in this open letter guidance outlines what is an what is not a "receiver or frame" which incidentally contradicts its own previous findings and Congressional Law but that is currently being hashed out in the courts. As of this moment we are following the guidance from the ATF until they inevitably get reversed by the court and then go right back to ignoring the law and doing whatever they want to. Just like they have done for decades. 

But oh well here is where we are right now. Below is directly from the ATF Open Letter :



So as odd as it sounds. According to the present view of the ATF the 80% at the top is not a firearm. But if you add a jig or if I provide instruction then magically it somehow becomes a firearm. Im not sure about the logical progression of that but that is what the ATF is pretending the law says despite the law ( Gun Control Act)  quite clearly not saying any such thing but that is simply my opinion based solely off my ability to read the English language.  If that doesnt make sense to you either join the club. Even the ATF didnt think so until about a year ago when the political winds of change shifted and now here we are. About 70 years of legal precedent and ATF guidance went right out the window. 

So to summarize 80% receivers are legal federally with a few rediculous restrictions. Most states allow 80% receivers except the more rediculously liberal ones and those are being challenged in court. As we dont want to get sued, end up in prison, or have our FFL revoked we are going to follow whatever the ATF tells us to do until the court gets around to telling them its unConstitutional ( again) and we can get back to business as usual.