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11th Jan 2021

80% Lowers and California as of 2020

* This blog post is intended to inform but should not be relied upon as a final say in the ever changing nature of California's draconian restrictions on firearm related items. Please use discretion a …

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Posted by Dave Roberts- TN Arms founder on 30th Apr 2019

Building out Your TAC-9 Receiver

Building out Your TAC-9 Receiver The Tennessee Arms Company, LLC TAC-9 receiver is the lightest weight, most versatile 9mm receiver on the market. This blog entry is intended to avoid some of the …

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Posted by Michael Owens* wherever he is on 13th Oct 2017

Best View on Gun Control I've ever Seen

NOTE... I didn't write this... But it was too good not to share Was written by a guy named Michael Owens ( no idea where he is or I would credit him)"No amount of statistics or facts will sway either …

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// 80% lower restriction // end script