TAC 9- FFL Item





The TAC-9 is a 9mm receiver designed to accept Glock style magazines. The Tac-9 was designed in-house over a 2-year period and features innovations unseen in our competitors. Designed mainly for law-enforcement the receiver features a built in ambidextrous magazine release and the use of the Glock magazines enables easy reloads from a duty belt. No more hunting for spare rifle magazines  you can use the pistol magazines you are already carrying.... as long as you are carrying a 9mm Glock anyway. 

The TAC-9 is also one of the easiest to build in our inventory. Containing no gas system the 9mm upper is a blow back design. Simple add a complete 9mm upper with a Glock cut Bolt Carrier Group and at least a 7 oz buffer ( has to be heavier due to the high pressure 9mm round and blow back design) and you are ready for thousands of rounds of reliable performance.  

*The 9mm AR receiver, unlike the AR15 style, does not have any mil-spec standards for dimension or tolerance. Also the Glock magazine compatible style we market has additional requirements to ensure fit and function. 


 Help with a 9 build is linked below:


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