Current Shipping Time on all Orders 2-10 weeks
Update ... We make our own receivers so we never run out but processing them does take time.  The political enviroment and COVID19 has increased our shipping times a bit so please be patient with our staff. Please have your FFL info, if applicable, entered on your order as that really slows things down. We process orders in the order they are received. If you would like to complete your order by phone during working hours call 731-334-5106 . Any questions should be emailed to

New 80% Receiver Update 1/11/20. The molds for the AR1580, Ar3080, TAC980, and the Disposable Jigs are complete. We are preparing for initial testing we are expecting to be shipping around mid February. Its a bit later than expected but as you know we are living in interesting times.  I apologize for the slight delay, we are moving as fast as our suppliers are allowing..... Dave R. 

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