Posted by David Roberts, owner of Tennessee Arms Company, LLC on 4th May 2017

The Gun Industry Took a Huge Hit with Trump's Election.... Thank God

The Gun Industry Took a Huge Hit with Trump's Election....Thank God

by David Roberts, owner of Tennessee Arms Company, LLC

 There should be no surprise that the political climate has had a huge impact on firearm sales. This is not unlike any other market where litigation or upcoming congressional action drive sales in any industry. I'm still mad at myself for not buying more regular gas cans before the government imposed the California/ EPA compliant gas nozzle that puts gas everywhere except my lawnmower. Politics has a huge impact on sales in every industry, gun manufacturing is no different. 

  President Obama was arguably the best gun salesman in the history of the world.  His nonstop rhetoric on the evils of firearms and the entire gun-toting, rural, Bible carrying crowd made the threat of impending bans and possibly even New York style draconian laws a real national possibility. We all watched in horror as New York, Maryland, Colorado, and California moved closer and closer to de facto disarmament. I am sure if they ever get their way we will be back to using the single-shot muskets that the Progressives erroneously believe the 2nd Amendment was intended. 

  Trump's election changed the mood of the entire nation. While the Progressives howl in disbelief the rural gun owners finally have some room to breath. We have a President who isn't interested in disarming us or regulating firearms into obscurity. This momentary security of the 2nd Amendment put a damper on the gun market and firearms manufacturing as a whole. I am completely okay with that. Yes, the decrease in sales has impacted my business and slowed the new projects we had planned. Remington Arms has laid off 122 employees recently and several other major manufacturers have laid workers off or will be in the near future as this trend is unlikely to change. We have seen a 35% decrease in overall sales since the election and if other manufacturers are being honest that is probably pretty close to what they are experiencing. That is certainly what myself and the other owners are talking about when we all get together. My old Harvard Economics professor would call this a market bubble and thankfully it has popped. Now we can go back to business as usual without the threat of our own government messing with us for a little while. 

  This isn't anything to worry about. The increase in sales was due to consumers rightfully feeling threatened and fearful that their Constitutionally protected rights were in jeopardy. I don't want you buying my products or any other out of fear of losing them. Personally, I am much happier and sleep much more soundly knowing that we finally have some peace. I got to experience Hillary's leadership firsthand when one of my best friends was killed in Benghazi and we got to watch the President and Hillary lie about it on CNN. Am I unhappy they are not running the country anymore? Not at all, couldn't be happier. Freedom works when you let it. Sales have returned to the level they should have been the entire time. Our customers have gone back to the competition shooting, hunting, and tinkering that has made this industry great since before our nation was even a nation. Nothing makes me happier than the daily emails of customers showing the creations they have built in their shops and garages. I am not hearing the sense of foreboding I have heard from customers for years. That is a very good thing. 

  Some in the industry are hurting from the decrease in sales. Prices have temporarily fallen and manufacturers are liquidating supply they stockpiled predicting a Hillary victory. That is why you are seeing the incredible deals in the industry right now. That is how a free market works and how you, the consumer, get the best deal. We are our own factory that only manufactures what we need so we have weathered the storm much better than most. 

  Prior to being a small business owner and firearms manufacturer I was a United States Marine and security contractor working in Iraq and Afghanistan for almost a decade. While this gave me the background I use when designing new products it also drives a desire for the freedom and security that our present administration seems to be working toward. We want our nation, our customers, and the firearms industry as a whole to have the prosperity and freedom that only comes from strong leadership and strict adherence to our Constitution. A temporary dip in the sales that were drummed up by fear in the last administration is a small price to pay.  

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