Populated Hybrid AR15

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Your Choice of Hybrid Receiver +

 Single Stage Lower Parts Kit


Our Populated Hybrid AR15 comes with our Single Stage LPK. Just add your own stock and buffer hardware to complete your lower  or one of ours https://tnarmsco.com/ar15-buffer-assembly-options/ . The populated saves you money by not adding a stock/buffer setup that might not be right for your build. If you would like a completed lower, Tn Arms offers those as well in this same parts category Complete AR15 style Lower Receiver.




Experpt from a Third Party Review at Reddit.com/r/ar15/


-I've put mine through hell and then to Valhalla and back. It's still running. I've lost my round-count by now, but its something in the high 10k (Updated to 30K as of 2017) by now, mostly .300 BLK. Some .223 as well using the upper from previous rifle. The typical use is however a suppressed .300 BLK 10" rifle that does a lot of 3rnd bursts.-/u/Meior

Tennessee Arms is proud to offer our Hybrid Lower Receiver along with a Single Stage Lower Parts Kit. These are the same kits we use to populate our complete lowers, so we know fit up will be a cinch. Just add your own stock assembly to complete your build. 

TAC Patent Pending design is Reinforced Polymer with Marine Grade Brass threaded inserts molded into the polymer for strength and corrosion resistance.Our receivers are designed to accept any quality lower build kit. Using the Metal inserts into a high impact polymer receiver make the Tennessee Arms Receiver truly the Highest Strength/ Lightest weight hybrid receiver (5.6oz) on the market. We ARE the best hybrid polymer receiver on the market and always will be.


Federal law requires that you be 21 years or age or older to purchase a stripped receiver or frame. If a frame or receiver can only be made into a long gun (rifle or shotgun), it is still a frame or receiver not a handgun or long gun. However, they still are "firearms" by definition, and subject to the same GCA limitations as any other firearms. Please enter the phone number city and state of the licenced dealer you would like it shipped to when ordering.





  • 5
    Hybrid ar15 lower

    Posted by Bobby rooks on 22nd Aug 2022

    I wish I had bought two of them, works great!

  • 5
    Nice lower fits good on upper i like

    Posted by Marlin Walker on 2nd Jul 2020

    Nice lower good price

  • 5
    Best Lower for the Money

    Posted by AR15 Lower on 25th Jun 2020

    TENNESSEE ARMS came out with a nice affordable polymer lower the quality is just as good as an aero Percision and for the price you can’t beat it These are my go to because I’m getting more bang for my buck thank you TENNESSEE ARMS as always love your Stuff keep it up

  • 3
    AR polymer lower

    Posted by Jerry Page on 29th May 2020

    I wanted a second polymer lower in FDE. Currently have lowers from several companies. Did not realize I must request to have material shaved off to use this lower with an SB Tactical brace and tube because the tube will not reach the buffer retaining pin without this modification. Not sure if worth my time to spend additional postage to send in for repair. If you have this issue you will need to send back for repair. Will most likely use another lower to complete by build.

  • 5
    AR-15 Lower

    Posted by Dietrich Pilkinton on 26th Dec 2019

    Super Great Quality And Best Value ANYWHERE My personal Favorite would Love to see them carried in my Local shop Thank yall Tennessee Arms. Yall have My bussiness from Now On.

  • 3
    Takedown pin

    Posted by Pack on 26th Dec 2019

    On both lowers the takedown pin was to big for the hole it goes into. I tried both pins on either lower with success.

  • 4
    Populated lower

    Posted by Geremiah on 12th Nov 2019

    It doesnt quite match up with the luth FDE buttstock that I got but I'm not too picky on color as long as it functions like it should. It cycles and functions like it should. Only negative is it has a real heavy trigger pull. But got new springs for it and reduced the pull by half.

  • 4
    Lower problems

    Posted by Tristan Pace on 5th Mar 2018

    So far it looks great and the trigger is nice but the lower doesnt seem to fit my upper properly. My back takedown pin is blocked by my upper because it is pushed up too high. Is anyone else having this problem. Looks like i might have to spend time sanding or drilling

  • 5
    excellent product

    Posted by Julio on 13th Dec 2016

    I purchased the AR15 receiver from TAC, and I must say that it is an excellent product! This receiver will make for a perfect build, I will definitely purchase from this company again.

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