How to Buy Guns Online


Buying AR Receivers Online

1. Purchase here

2. Tell us the business name and phone number of your local FFL Dealer on our order form ( We will contact them if you dont already have an FFL copy)

3. We ship your purchase to your local FFL

4. You pick it up there after a legal background check

Additional Information:
  1. Transfer fees vary greatly by shop & state. Usually expect to pay $20-50~ for a transfer. Some states, also, have additional, required fees that are over and above the background check fee of $10.00. Ask around.
  2. You have already purchased the receiver from us, it is your property. You are only paying for a legal transfer and some paperwork.
  3. State and local laws vary from state to state and in different municipalities. If you have any questions about the legality of any of our products, check with your local firearms dealer. 
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