AR-308 FFL Item


The AR-308 Receiver is made in the same style as our incredibly successful TNARMS-15 but has been designed for the longer cartridges of the 308 Win, 6.5 Creedmore, and others needing just a bit more firepower than the AR-15 platform can handle. The end result is a AR-308 rifle that is much lighter with some customers (and us here at the shop) building semi-automatic rifles weighing the same as most companies AR-15 style rifles.

The AR-308 is built to accept the DMPS GenI upper receiver due to the wide availability of parts and accessories on the market. 

Notes about the 308. Unlike the AR-15 style there really arent hard and fast standards about what is and what isnt a 308 model AR. Even within the AR-308 world there is a ton of variations in design. We recommend using an Aero Precision M-5 Upper (what i use at the shop), Bear Creek Armory 308, JSE Surplus, or the GENII 308 upper from Palmetto State work fantastic. 

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