Stripped Lowers




5.6oz Nylon/Brass Polymer Lower Receiver

Lifetime Warranty/ Free Shipping


Here at Tennessee Arms, we offer the toughest Hybrid Lower on the market. Weighing in at a scant 5.6oz , you won't find a lighter lower when it comes to toughness. Our lowers have been proven in the field with every caliber from .22 to .50 Beowulf and everywhere in between. High round counts are around the 20K round mark using 300 Blackout. They have been ran through tactical courses, they have been ran over by F250s. They have been baked at 175 for 2 hours , and frozen . You won't find a tougher hybrid lower. 


^^^ Customer Submitted Torture Test^^^

We also offer our lowers in all the popular Magpul colors to match your favorite furniture. The color is in the material itself, so no need to fret if you scratch your lower, only the same color will show. Our lowers bend where others break and dent and bounce right back. This is why we have a 100%, no questions asked,  Lifetime Warranty. If you have any questions about our lowers , don't hesitate to reach out to us using the "Contact Us" portion of the page.

Buying a Receiver Online: The process is easy and painless. Since the ATF considers the receiver to be the only part that is actually considered a firearm the only part that has to be transferred in the receiver. To purchase our receiver just call your local gunshop and inquire about what the transfer fee is and inform them that you will be using them as a transfer dealer. During our checkout process, simply provide us with the Name and Phone number of the FFL dealer you choose and we will make the necessary coordination. You will receive the tracking number in your email telling you when your products have arrived at your local dealer.

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