80% Receivers

Due to an extreme lack of freedom and overactive politicians we cannot ship any 80% to customers living in DC, Rhode Island, Washington, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, or Hawaii. I am very sorry I hope freedom returns to your state soon.  

*Our software cannot restrict customers from adding it to your cart but our shipping software wont allow the prohibited products to ship, we will simply refund the purchase before shipping. 


New gun laws are always being passed. While we make every effort to update our terms and conditions to reflect state and federal laws, the information contained in this page may not always be current or all-inclusive.  It is your responsibility to know and understand all current laws governing the sale, transport, making of, and ownership of a firearm in your state. Any orders placed that cannot be fulfilled because of certain state or federal laws may be subject to an automatic cancellation and refund, and such orders will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.


AR15 Style 80% Receivers

Updates and Shipping times will be listed on the bottom of the front page of our website! 


 *Using A2 buffer assembly(no lock plate nor castle nut), please advice so we can sand down 2 threads off the back of 80%s. 

Each 80% has to be milled out with a jig (whether metal or its own one-time use only jig from our company)to be covered by warranty. 


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