AR9 Style 80% Blank - OUT OF STOCK

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TNARMS CO AR15 Style 80% Blank 

Blank only- No Jig or Drill Bits included by Fed Regs


The TNARSMCO AR Style receiver is manufactured from a proprietary blend of glass-filled Nylon6 and includes metallic brass enforcement in Key stress areas just like our serialized versions. Being made from a composite material the body of this blank is easy to machine and does not require any surface finishing when complete. Just machine, sand, and shoot.

Blemishes may be apparent from 2nd hand processing after production.   

This model allows the use of Glock magazines when complete. 

Federal regulations prohibit us from providing this blank with any jigs instructions or guides. We cannot even provide assistance by phone or email unfortunately. All 80% blank sales are final due to regulations concerning partially finished firearms. 

As of Sept 2022 All TNARMSCO jig molds and remaining company stock was sold to .  

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