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Please Read Entire Description: BLEMISHED!May have swirls or flakes of other colors in the material. 

Please understand that this item is made from a material that has a higher shrink rate than our mil spec AR15 colors. Fitment and filing is usually required to get your upper to pin. Also, tightness is usually found with the takedown/pivot pin areas, you can sand down the coating on pins to help or just use a mallet to push the pins in/out. 



  • Intended For Product Showcasing, or Teaching/Training Aid
  • These are Legally ATF Functional Receivers and require an FFL transfer
  • These are Not Intended for First Time Builders 



We are offering Display Models to use as a product showcase for aftermarket triggers at gun shops, mantle pieces, and teaching aids for anyone interested in getting someone into the shooting sports. The nature of the clear material is less predictable during molding requiring hand fitment of parts. These receivers are easily converted to safely fire live rounds, but our guarantee only covers products assembled in our facility.  

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