Aluminum Magwell Custom Engraving

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The Fiber Optic Laser will make the black areas in your artwork appear white on your receiver. Please keep this in mind when submitting your artwork. The black of your receiver with be the background color for th e artwork you give us. 


Heres an Example 

Customer Supplied Artwork theodore-roosevelt.jpg


Converted Artworkdwlqjhf.jpg

And this is the End Result.

if you have any questions, please use the Contact Us portion of the page.





  1. Upload Your Artwork
  2. Tape off the area you want engraved with masking/painters tape (completely optional but encouraged)
  3. Pack with care and send to the address below.


Please Send Your Item(s) to:


Tennessee Arms Company

Engraving Department

517A Lake Road

Dyersburg, Tn 38024


Return Shipments will Require a Signature



  1. Does my shipment need to be returned to a FFL for Transfer? No, this is considered a repair by the ATF and is treated as if you were sending your firearm to a gunsmith. The shipment will be returned to you with a signature requirement
  2. Can I send my suppressor tube? Yes and No. If your tax stamp hasn't been approved yet, the tube is considered to be just that, a tube. Once a stamp is approved, the tube is considered to be part of a suppressor assembly and cannot be received by Tennessee Arms Company. We are looking into getting an SOT because of this.
  3. Can you engrave to the required depth? Yes, our fiber laser can hit the .003 depth on metal and our CO2 laser can hit the depth on polymer frames. We have engraved everything from Nylon to Titanium .
  4. Can I do multiple engravings on one order? Yes, but that would be a call in order. Please call 731-334-5106 for bulk pricing.
  5. Why does this cost more than a bigger, magwell's just text? This is a common question, and easy to answer. NFA engravings require us to hit a depth of .003 inches. To do this, multiple passes are needed with the laser. Where a magwell engraving takes one pass from 2 angles, the NFA engravings take 25 passes from 2 angles . It is a more time consuming process which calls for a slightly higher cost.
  6. Can I ship a completed 80% receiver to have engraved? No, we CANNOT receive completed, finished 80% receivers.

Any other questions can be answered through the CONTACT US portion of the page.










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    Excellent Results and Fast Turn Around Time

    Posted by Jason Bostick on 21st Sep 2016

    Very happy with the end result, especially considering the original art work that the engraving was based on.

    Turn around time was very fast as well. Well worth the price for this level of customization. They'll definitely get more of my engraving business.

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