AR-308 Lightweight Lower Receiver- Single- SALE

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DPMS Gen 1 Style lower receiver for the 7.62x51/ 308 cartridge

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  • Half the weight of a metal lower

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Easy Assembly

  • Tactical Colors available 

The AR-308® Receiver is designed to be stronger and lighter than anything on the market today. We invented the hybrid AR lower receiver and we used that experience in designing the AR-308. We have used our TN ARMS 15 lower in every caliber from .22 LR to 50 BMG. The AR-308 is 30% bigger and includes reinforcement in key areas. This lower receiver assembles just like an AR15 style lower. AR308 lpk is available here: with the roll pin (like an AR15) we use instead of a screw.

The AR-10 type rifle does not have dimensional standards like the AR-15 series does. Not all upper receivers will fit as well as others. We recommend upper receivers from Aero Precision, Head Down Products, Delta Tactical, and the Palmetto State Gen 2. Any AR-15 style trigger will fit fine. 



 Weight is 6.3 ounces





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    Not to shaby.

    Posted by Nikolas Sink on 20th Oct 2019

    Well first off I haven't shot it yet but I assembled both of mine and they are light and durable as all get out. I wailed one with my mallet just to see and it didnt even faze it.

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    AR-308 Lightweight Lower Receiver

    Posted by John on 29th May 2018

    Customer service is always super friendly and helpful. Lower went together easily and used the TAC pivot / takedown pins that fit perfectly. I’m just waiting on my upper now.

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    Only one complaint

    Posted by Justin on 19th May 2018

    Overall, this lower receiver is great. I built it without any issues, the brass inserts to strengthen joints/weak spots on the polymer frame work really well, and the look is good. I am using this for a super lightweight AR10 RECCE/scout project, so the 6 oz lower goes a long way in shredding weight.

    My one qualm with this lower is that I wasn't made aware that the bolt catch takes AR15 style roll pins, not the AR10 style threaded roll pins; I found this out during my build and had to run to my LGS and pick one up. TNARMSCO answered the phone and provided great customer service though when I called to ask about the pin!

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    Poor match for PSA Gen 2

    Posted by Larry on 9th May 2018

    When fitted to a PSA GEN2 PA10 18" MIDLENGTH UPPER there is a gap at the bottom rear area where the upper mates with the lower. Should not affect function, still fits but you may not like the look. A good price, but I wont buy again because of the appearance when fitted to an upper. PSA is one of the recommended uppers by TNA, I would not recommend these to fit to a PSA upper. I will be replacing the lower to correct the appearance.

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    Solid Lower

    Posted by Bob on 7th Jan 2018

    Does everything it needs to. These have been VERY tight with Aero uppers and a work of warning, the metal insert for the serial number does not allow a geissele trigger to work properly. I will need to do some modifications to the back to get it to work. Other than those 2 things, very happy with TNarmsco at every level!

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    AR308 Lower

    Posted by Mario DeLudos on 30th Dec 2016

    I have sold these to several customers and each of them has had nothing but great reviews on these lowers. They are top of the line, about half the weight of a normal lower and very cost effective.

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    I was not pleased with this product

    Posted by Malcolm A Purdessy on 24th Dec 2016

    When I receive my AR10 stripped lower it looked alright.
    As I was putting it together I noticed a few things that were wrong. 1-The foward assist hole to put the pin in was way to small,I had to use a tap screw, 2- The mag release on the lower was so wide that I was unable tighten the screw flush with the release button. 3- The rear release ident-pin hole was drilled to close to the edge causing it to extend out. I was unable to break the weapon down. I had to take the pistol grip off to get the ident-pin out and was unable get the upper off. I believe you have a grate product but these problems need to be corrected. If there is anything you can do rectify this problem it would be greatly appreciated. I have photos of the problems I will try to attach them. Thanks God bless

    A representative from TAC has reached out to address concerns.

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    Great Lower

    Posted by Bootleg Hill Firearms on 12th Dec 2016

    I purchased this lower for a customer, it is by far the best lower on the market, for the money, stength and weight. I highly recommend this lower and all the others here .

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    it is what it is

    Posted by Bret DesJardins on 7th Oct 2016

    Well let me start by saying if you wanna start a build plan on three weeks to be shipped out. Out of the box it's really nice! Magazine release didn't fit, was really tight had to smooth it out to move freely. The safety detent hole is just slightly over sized made the safety sector really sloppy. But my upper fit really tight which I like.